Nitrile Examination Gloves with LOW DERMA™ Formula


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Nitrile Examination Gloves with LOW DERMA™ Formula



Product info:

LD Technology is backed by clinical test recognised by U.S. FDA.  With our patented LOW DERMA™ formula, we successfully eliminated the use of harmful sulphur and chemical accelerators in the glove manufacturing process. This novel breakthrough minimises the risk of Type IV Hypersensitivity on glove users. You may find more information here

Dermatest® test procedure:

Clinical application study under dermatological control. The test product was applied during a period of four weeks by 21 subjects 30 minutes per day onto the hands. From the clinical-dermatological point of view, no relevant skin reactions occurred in the test area; the product was tolerated excellently.

Neither intolerance reactions suggestive of irritation nor allergic reactions (contact dermatitis) were detected. Accordingly, from the dermatological viewpoint, there is no high potential for irritation and sensitisation for the tested product when this is used as intended.

The Dermatest seal:

When it comes to the area of your hands, it is more important for you to know which products are dermatologically tested and safe. Certificates like those from us as an independent institute help you to assess the safety of products for you. The “Nitrile Examination Gloves with LOW DERMA™ formula” met the highest test requirements and therefore received the “5-star-guarantee” seal.



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