Chinchilla® Washable Kitchen Towel


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Patch Tests


Chinchilla® Washable Kitchen Towel


Rocketlife GmbH

Product info:

The washable kitchen towel made of 100% natural wood cellulose and cotton is the environmentally friendly alternative to conventional disposable kitchen towels or cleaning cloths made of synthetic fibers, as it can be used several times. The sustainable all-purpose cloths are made in Germany and can be used flexibly as cleaning cloth in the kitchen, bathroom, car, for camping or the outdoor area.

Chinchilla is a young company from NRW, Germany with the mission to make plastic-free products for the kitchen & bathroom easily accessible. With sustainable alternatives like safety razor, loofah sponge, dishwashing brush, glass drinking straw, toothbrush, cotton swabs & co. everyday life simply becomes more environmentally friendly!

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Dermatest test procedure:

Epicutaneous testing (Patch testing) under dermatological control. The test product was applied once occlusively for 24 hours on 30 subjects. Skin assessments have been performed before and 24, 48 and 72 hours after application. No subject showed any irritative skin reactions during this study. Thus, it can be concluded that the product does not have high irritation potential and the product will not cause adverse skin reactions when properly used.

The Dermatest seal:

When it comes to daily used textiles, it is all the more important for you to know which products are dermatologically tested and safe. Certificates like those from us as an independent institute help you to assess the safety of products. The Chinchilla® washable kitchen towel met our basic test requirements and therefore received our Dermatest Guarantee Seal.



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