Dermatest GmbH mission statement


“Taking your success personally” – this is our guiding motto. The dermatology, biology and food science expertise which Dermatest GmbH has in abundance are not sufficient on their own to meet the demands of our customers.

We don’t just want to deliver good service, we want our work to lead to measurable results for us and our customers. The results of our testing should generate added financial value for the customer and show the highest level of transparency through being understandable and verifiable. We have taken this goal to heart, and take it very personally for every customer we come into contact with. Customer satisfaction therefore lies at the very peak of our quality policy and is what determines our continued growth as a successful company. It follows from this that our quality policy lies at the very center of corporate management. Every employee needs to be aware of these quality principles and act accordingly.


Only perfect teamwork from a quality-focused and motivated, highly skilled workforce in every area of the company can deliver this high quality and successful corporate policy. Smooth operation allows space for quality awareness, time for continuous improvement and maximum efficiency. Dermatest relies on customer feedback in order to implement and continuously improve quality. Changes and improvements are discussed and implemented with all employees affected. Employees are also constantly encouraged to engage in improving quality through an established complaint and overall improvement system and coordinated professional training.

The test subjects and their happiness are crucial to the success of what we do. Personal contact and close support therefore play an essential role for the test subjects.

Dermatest GmbH has a wide variety of customers from the broad sector of “cosmetics”. These are mostly manufacturers and distributors of cosmetic products, but also of consumer goods and food supplements. As none of these customers account for more than 7.5% of annual turnover, we can describe ourselves as truly independent, since losing one customer would in no way jeopardise the survival of Dermatest. All decisions and activities at Dermatest GmbH are always based on the principles of independence and impartiality.


Here at Dermatest GmbH we aim to deliver high quality and accuracy in our work. We seek to communicate this to the world at large.
We therefore strive to make the values which underpin our work obvious and unmistakable, in both B2B and B2C communications with our customers, not only in our local area, but also throughout Germany and Europe.

Our company and its service portfolio should be well-known in the relevant industries (cosmetics, safety products, cleaning, consumer goods, etc.). Terms such as dermatology skin tests, skin protection and safety assessments, should also be immediately associated with our company. This not only throughout the cosmetics industry, but also by the end users for these products.

We are therefore embarking upon a long-term image campaign in order to increase awareness of Dermatest GmbH as a leading and independent test institute, not only among customers in the cosmetics industry, but also among end users and potential test subjects.

What underpins our activity is compliance with scientific standards and consideration of relevant legislation in force. Dermatest’s quality management system has been certified to the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001 since 2009 and is audited by TÜV Rheinland.

We seek to continue setting cosmetics testing on a broad, secure scientific basis while continuously improving. We have been certified by DAkkS (German Accreditation Body) to DIN EN ISO 17025 for our patch test since 2017.

Research, development, improvement of methods, scientific processes and growing our range of technical equipment, and our portfolio remain our goals. We therefore attach huge importance to participating in national and international research projects and funding projects. We have already successfully completed several FP7 EU projects. Others are in the planning and execution phases. New methods are being developed and introduced in experimental test applications in partnership with our customers.

We strive not only to offer our customers product testing, but also to guarantee expert advice in all matters relating to dermatology, biology and food science.
We try to respond swiftly to any queries which arise. Regardless of whether it relates to order processing or to safety-related factors.

Statements regarding environmental matters are considered on a case-by-case basis.


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