Protecting your skin.

Our testing is to protect your skin. Independently.

Dermatest® protects your skin. Not only recently, but since 1978. As an independent dermatology institute, Dermatest® guarantees you the maximum possible safety for your skin. Comprehensive and properly structured testing along with scientifically sound research make cosmetic products and consumer goods safe for you to use and their efficacy measurable.

40 years ago we were the first dermatology test institute of its type anywhere, and today we still have the largest team of experts and the most comprehensive range of tests anywhere in Europe. Our team of dermatologists, allergologists, biologists and food scientists vouchsafes our scientific expertise in the various disciplines.

So we can be fully confident that our analysis is scientifically sound and performed with a high degree of accuracy. The results based on this are always reliable. As an independent test institute, we are not swayed by the big brand names, just by outstanding products.

What our customers say

Our slogan: protection for your skin

Our goal

Our goal is to protect your skin.
Beautiful, healthy skin needs care, but cosmetic products especially should be tested independently for tolerability and efficacy. We are here so you don't have to trust blindly in advertising. We make it safer to use cosmetic products by asking our experts to carry out extensive testing for tolerability and efficacy. And we give you a guarantee: our Dermatest® seal of approval.

Our research

Science never stands still.
When it comes to skin, too, there is always something new coming along. We are therefore actively developing our methods and conducting research in partnership with scientific institutes such as the Fraunhofer Society. Interacting with international experts from fields such as medicine, food science and biology ensures our work is up to date. This gives both us and you security.

Active individuality

Every product is different, and we investigate them all individually.
The ingredients of cosmetic products are their effects are becoming ever more complex. Which is why our validated test procedures are adapted individually by our scientists to suit the products being tested. Which is how we guarantee specific analysis as well as meaningful and reliable results.

Validated quality

We stand by products carrying the Dermatest® seal of approval.
We only award our seal of approval to products we have tested and assessed to be safe. You can trust our judgment, because the demands we place on our own work significantly exceed statutory requirements. We have even had this certified several times over by TÜV Rheinland.

Reference projects

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Our skin is one of our most important bodily organs. And our natural protective outer shield.

Our skin is just a few millimeters thick. And yet it protects us from a host of dangerous environmental factors.

It is a true miracle of nature. Its three thin layers are vital to our survival, and what our skin is capable of is truly staggering:

The upper layer (epidermis) protects the body from penetration by pathogens, fungal growth and moisture and, to a certain extent, UV light. Below this is the thicker corium (dermis). This is what makes our skin both flexible and stable at the same time. A multitude of nerve axons, cells for the immune system, blood and lymph vessels and receptors for our sense of touch congregate in the dermis.

The subcutis makes the connection with the underlying structures. It consists of connective and fatty tissue. But this also performs important functions for our body: the fatty tissue serves as a heat insulator and energy store. The sweat and sebum glands, which produce the protective layer for the epidermis, are also found in the subcutaneous tissue.

Besides these vital functions, skin has always played another role for us: as the mirror of our soul, it is an essential part of our beauty. We want it to be uniformly smooth, wrinkle-free and pure. Good care and protection from external factors are important in maintaining the beauty and protective functions of our skin. Here at Dermatest® we have made it our mission to test products which come into contact with our skin in order to prevent harm and prove the efficacy of skincare products.

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