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Our guidelines for the correct use of the seal

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An independent seal of approval creates confidence

We test and award products which come into contact with skin. The Dermatest seal is only awarded to products that are independently tested by our scientists and proven to be effective and safe. In terms of consumer safety, the Dermatest seal is a guarantee of the traceability of test methods. Products which are labelled with this seal keep the promise of tested and verified excellent quality. Guaranteed.

Our mark of responsibility

The Dermatest seal of approval is a customer-centric label that is well known & recognized worldwide for independently tested products that have successfully passed our testing procedures and are safe to use. With this guide, we would like to support you in using the seal in a correct way to safeguard and protect your and our brand. This seal helps your brand to secure a market share and drive a higher sell-through.
Our Dermatest seals are awarded to products which have passed our testing, depending on the extent and intensity of the testing. The type of testing is visible on each seal. Therefore it is important that you make sure you use the correct seal – suitable for your product and visible on each layout.

Focus when shopping

A wide range of cosmetics and consumer goods is available in retail. Consumers want to be confident that products are safe and effective for their skin. Seeing the Original Dermatest seal on products helps your customers to find their way in the wide range of products. Consumers are coming across the Original Dermatest seal more and more, not only in product advertising in print and online media, but also particularly on product packaging in the retail sector. The seal creates confidence in the safety of the product!

The Dermatest seal FAQs

The top 4 questions when it comes to usage on layouts

1. Are we allowed to change the shape or color of the seal?

In general, it is not possible to change the seal. The color and shape of the seal, as well as the elements associated with it, are protected. The other elements associated with them are also protected and serve to ensure our worldwide recognition.

2. Can the seal be used in other languages?

Choose a language that suits your product’s target market. It’s important to be aware that translating into languages other than German and English may come with additional costs. We already have supported various languages. If you have specific language requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us.

3. Can the date on the seal be removed?

No, the date is an essential part of the seal and may therefore not be removed due to legal consumer regulations.

4. Can the URL banner/flag be removed?

No, the URL is also an integral part of the seal and cannot be removed due to legal consumer regulations.

Application and specifications

Protective zone and minimum size

Protective zone

The protective zone surrounding the seal is defined by 17.5% of the overall seal height for landscape and 17.5% of the overall seal width for the vertical version. No writing, photos, or other graphic elements may be placed there.

Minimum size

The seal in landscape format can be continuously reduced to a minimum size of 15 mm in height, as required. For the vertical seal, the minimum size corresponds to a width of 15 mm. As long as the requirements of ISO 15223-1 are compiled, smaller seal icon size are also possible.

Dermatest seal on images

If you need to add contrast, for example, by highlighting the Dermatest seal on images and colored surfaces, you can place a white outline around the seal. The outline should be at least three times as thick as the blue outline of the circle element.

Graphic elements / eye catcher

Please make sure that no eye-catcher or other graphic elements overlap the Dermatest seal.

Working with our Consumer-Line

Specifications regarding the protected zone and the minimum size must be applied in exactly the same way. It is also possible to combine the seals of the “Consumer Line” with our seals of the already known “Science Line”.

Application and specifications

Usage of color


The two main colors of Dermatest are anchored in the corporate design and are also to be used as such in the seals.
The original Dermatest seal colors might not perfectly match your packaging, layout or creative elements but they have the highest recognition effect for potential clients and customers. This fact is proven in many studies. The seal is used in several product categories all over the globe.

Usage on colored surfaces

The seal can be positioned freely on colored surfaces. Here, too, the protective zone must be observed for the edge distances. Make sure that there is an appropriate contrast between the color (background) and the seal (if necessary, choose the single-color variant).

Application and specifications

Incorrect uses and basic rules

What not to do

In addition to the many freedoms and possibilities in dealing with the design elements, it is nevertheless essential to point out the limits.
Basically, all changes to the brand and deviations from the design principle described in this style guide should be avoided.
If you have any questions regarding specific applications or the set of rules in general or in particular, please contact the person listed at the back of the style guide.

seal no gos

Usage on websites when testing multiple products

If it comes to an overall info about the Dermatest seal on your website, please use always the latest seal incl. the respective date. Seals without a date are not allowed to use.

Licence framework

Usage rights & transcription

Usage rights of the Dermatest seal

After successful testing of each product, your company is given permission to use the seal worldwide, with no limitations with regard to media types (on- & offline).

Possibilities of Dermatest seal usage

The Dermatest seal can be used after successful testing of the respective product, for example, on product packaging, point of sale, eCom, websites, social media, PR, TV, radio, cinema, etc.

Mandatory labeling epicutaneous testing detergents and cleaning products

When using the seal on detergents and cleaning products, our seal may only be used in combination with the following asterisk reference: “*the testing and statement on compatibility refers to the use concentration of the product in connection with the instructions for use”. The sentence can be placed on every side of the packaging as long it can be found by the end consumer.

White label production – how can my subsidiary company or customer benefit from the Dermatest seal a product received?

Example: Your subsidiary company or customer is using the Dermatest certificate and/or the claim for further products. Is a separate regulation (re-subscription) required for this?

In both cases, a transfer of the test results to new name variants of the product or new distributors is required. It is a legal requirement to present a document confirming the claim obtained by testing. Additionally, for the use of the Dermatest seal, you need our approval and an extension of the usage agreement in our system. This requires a new document that clearly assigns the new distributor and/or the new variant of the product name to our seal and testing.
Our brand analysis team scans the market to ensure the correct use of the Dermatest seal. Use (by your sister company/client or for a name variation) without our express permission will lead to legal issues that both parties should avoid.

Layout approval & contact details

Practical and valid verification of desired advertising claims

We would be proud to support your company with the correct and reliable use of the Dermatest seal:

Your contact person:

Tim Meyersick-Püchel


+49 (0) 251 481 637 27

Please send us all on-/offline artwork/layouts, incl. the respective certificate that bear a Dermatest seal in high-res for approval at least ten working days before publication/use to:

The aim is to protect the consumer from misuse of the seal.

How exactly the Dermatest seal may be used can be found in this guide. For additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Marketing department any time.


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You can find details about what personal data we store and who has access to it in our data protection policy.

I consent to my personal data being stored and processed in line with the data protection policy and I consent my personal data being processed by Dermatest GmbH in order to answer my contact or information request.

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