Premature skin aging owing to excessive and permanent exposure to air pollution has been demonstrated in numerous studies in recent years. Exposure of the skin to fine air pollution is one of the issues which currently concerns the cosmetics industry most urgently. However, the analysis techniques available to date for demonstrating the efficacy of anti-pollution products are indirect, difficult to grasp and in some cases even ethically questionable. In order to close these gaps, we at Dermatest® are now offering a direct and validated identification method for investigating the efficacy of your cosmetic products against air pollution. It is the first technique anywhere in the world which can scientifically and unambiguously demonstrate the efficacy of anti-pollution products of this kind. Both the level of protection against contamination of the skin through air pollution (protection) and the cleansing of the skin contaminated with fine particles can be analysed and quantified. Fine particles are displayed using an electron microscope. The electron microscopic analysis is carried out by an expert certified according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024. Here at Dermatest GmbH, we are the first institute to use only approved, certified and harmless test dust (DIN EN 60068-2-68 & ISO 12103-1) which can be applied reproducibly to all skin surfaces (including face and hair). Furthermore, this technique represents a realistic simulation of environmental pollution and therefore allows us the opportunity to test the effect of your product realistically.


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